Week 3

Time is already flying by! My third week has completed and it is my last week of getting used to the project material and applications. I have started created preliminary graphs on R. This has allowed me to get used to utilizing R and R Studio to analyze data and focus on making graphs. There was an emphases on making the graphs accessible to those with lower vision and increasing chart visibility to use later on posters or papers. I have never used a statistical programing language like R before. In my undergraduate program we mostly focused on Python, or making things web accessible and using HTML, PHP, and others of that nature. Learning R was a bit of a learning curve but I am happy to work on expanding my programming skill set. I also had the opportunity to read more about the project topic space. I read “How Mandatory Second Factor Affects the Authentication User Experience” by Jacob Abbott and Sameer Patil; as you can tell from the title this paper focused on how 2FA has effected individuals experience with their login experience. Our study focuses on the same topic space, though we are coming at it from a different angle.

On a more personal note, I had a pretty eventful week! Last Thursday I submitted my first poster to a conference on a research project I was working on all school year, very exciting! I also moved into my first one bedroom apartment (a lot of firsts this week). Alongside that, I have made sure to make time throughout the week to reach out and see a few friends. It has been a hard and isolating year with covid and wrapping up my undergraduate experience, so I have made it a priority to make time for friends this summer, while completing exceptional research.

Written on May 31, 2021