Week 7

During this week I transcribed interviews. Jacob, the Ph.D. mentor I work with/under, is conducting interviews weekly with participants that I later transcribe. I also got to go to the IoT house, where both Jacob and Prof. L Jean Camp, work for the first time. Because of COVID-19 restrictions on the Indiana University-Bloomington campus, I had not been able to access the building or work out of it, even during the school year. I was excited to explore the house. I was able to sit in the house, transcribe, and was given the opportunity to meet the participants, while being covid safe, from the study to pay them for completing the weekly interviews.

I also met up with an old advisor from undergraduate that I had not been able to talk to in a while. Though I just completed my degree less than two whole months ago, I had not been able to discuss academic and non-academic related things with her due to COVID-19 and our schedules. I am excited to be able to continue our relationship through graduate school, as I am continuing at the same school and she has been a great mentor and support.

We started writing and collaborating on OverLeaf for the 2FA study. We are adding notes about the data, readings we have completed, and methodologies.

Written on July 2, 2021